We work with several complementary businesses each year who could probably help you out, whether you need photography, design, insurance or accommodation. Check out our current list of partners below:


Performers Insurance: http://www.performersinsurance.co.uk/fringe-festival

They say 'break a leg' but what would happen if you actually did? We don't actually know, but these guys at 'Performers Insurance' are definitely the ones to speak to insure against all manners of fringe-based mishaps. Click here for more info


Jane Hobson is a nationally, and internationally, published performing arts photographer, who will be available throughout the festival for production and PR photography. From drama to dance, movies to music, circus to symphonia, opera to 'eadshots, she is ready, willing and extremely able....but you can be the judge of that by checking out her website at www.janehobson.com and her published work here.

Contact Jane to discuss your requirements on: jane@janehobson.com